Service Disruptions

Service Disruptions

Service Updates

Morocco – New postal codes & service issues.

Please note that with immediate effect, a new 5 digit postcode will apply for all areas within Morocco.
Please ensure a full postcode is entered on all export shipments to Morocco, in order to avoid delays.

Service Issues: Due to a recent change in procedure, delays with Customs clearance and deliveries in Morocco may occur.

South Korea – New postal codes

The South Korea government has announced that with effect from August 1, 2015, South Korea’s existing 6 digit postal codes
will be replaced with a new set of 5 digit postal codes.

Greece – Capital controls

Due to capital controls introduced by the Central Bank of Greece, shipments sent on a COD/VOG basis will require the
consignee to pay via one of the following methods:

  • Bank deposit to a UPS bank account.
  • Credit/debit card.
  • Cash.

Packages may be delayed due to the consignee having to be contacted and payments agreed prior to delivery.

Iraq – Service issues

Due to the ongoing unrest in Iraq, all shipments for Baghdad and Southern Iraq will incur delays. Shipments are being
forwarded to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, where they will gradually be transported by road approximately every 2 days to Baghdad.
At present, due to ongoing action by the Iraqi military, the road between Erbil and Baghdad is closed. This is resulting in
service delays, due to a longer route being taken. The following cities are being regularly served by Erbil:

  • Erbil
  • Sulaymaniah
  • Zakho
  • Dohuk
  • Kirkuk (only Kurdish controlled areas)
  • Yemen – Service suspension

    Service to Yemen has been temporarily suspended, due to the unstable political situation in the country.

    Crimea Region

    There are economic sanctions imposed by the European Union and United States, which means unfortunately service to and from
    the Crimean Region has been suspended.

    Currently both the Ukraine and Russia count Crimea as its territory and due to this both countries have different postcodes
    aligned to the same areas.

    The Ukrainian postcodes are: 95000 – 99999 (This range is up to 99999 which includes all of the possible post codes for Crimea).

    The Russian postcodes are: 295000-299819.

    Libya – Temporary service suspension

    Service to and from Libya is temporarily suspended, due to civil unrest in the country.

    Israel – Gaza Strip

    Please note that only documents may be sent to the Gaza Strip.

    Worldwide – Lithium Metal Batteries

    International regulations applicable to air shipments of lithium metal batteries have changed. Compliance with the new
    regulations became mandatory as of January 1st, 2015. The regulations, published by the International Air Transport
    Association (IATA), prohibit transportation of lithium metal batteries (shipped without equipment) on passenger aircraft.
    As a result, UPS will limit the transportation of these shipments to within its International Dangerous Goods (IDG)