All of the shipping documentation you need for your delivery will be automatically produced for you during the booking
process. The documentation required would vary depending on your destination and the service you choose.


Please use the following information as a general guide:


All parcels must be labeled


If you are shipping with DHL, your Shipping Label (Air Waybill) will be produced automatically during the
booking process. Please print and attach one to your parcel and give another copy to the driver upon collection.

Personal Items/Gifts: You must print off a shippers declaration, fill in and attach to your parcel.

Business to Consumer/Business to Business: You must attach your commercial invoice to your parcel.
We also recommend placing an additional copy inside your parcel.


In any case, please use the documentation provided by Global Connextion to avoid any billing complications with the carrier.


Are you shipping outside of the EU?


Four copies of a Customs Invoice must accompany all shipments bound for non-EU countries. This is a document detailing the
contents and value of your goods for customs purposes. It will speed up customs clearance and enable the relevant
authorities to calculate any customs charges.

Personal Items/Gifts:

    • During the booking process, you will be invited to enter the product description details of and the value of your goods for Customs, please ensure that you fill in and print off the shippers declaration and attach to your parcel.


    • Please print four copies of your shippers declaration and hand them to your driver upon collection.


Business to Consumer/Business to Business:

  • Alternatively, if you are a commercial customer and produce your own Customs Invoices, please feel free to use your
    own instead.


You can check what documentation you need by contacting our customer services team on 01932 771408